Favourite Fives : Lee Codling

Coddy loves coats. Ideally coats with more pockets than any human man could possibly ever need. As an outlet for his jacket obsession, he set up Gear There Everywhere earlier this year. Via the blog and the instagram page, Lee showcases a cavalcade of coats and jackets and I therefore implore you to follow him at the earliest convenience. He’s also one of my bestest pals and he does not like Clarks shoes. Oh, and here’s his favourite five.

Item of Clothing 
Pockets, all day long! I’ve got the proper one, the high end one that was ¬£650 but I didn’t pay that. It’s got an inner waistcoat. They released some after it that were lightweight at a lower price but mine is the better one!


Its got to be Yellowman. The guy was well ahead of his time. I’ve just got a mad addiction to listening to him at the moment. Record labels turned him away at the start because of his appearance. In Jamaica they call Albinos ‘dundus’. He was an orphan too so it was all against him. Eventually someone gave him a chance and all the labels who didn’t want to know him suddenly got interested. It’s just his lyrics that I love. People use his lyrics today even though they’re from 30-odd years ago.


I don’t read a lot but had to get hold of Gang Wars by Pete Walsh. It’s about the Manchester gangs down the years and the pictures in it of lads from Cheetham Hill and Moss Side look very familiar. There’s a picture in there of a football team and most of the people in it aren’t here anymore or are on long holidays. My Auntie used to go out with a guy who was in it. He got killed in Longsight, shot dead.


Scarface. Has to be Scarface. For kids from my background growing up and seeing that, you can identify with it. Coming from the bottom and becoming the king. As a teenager that appealed. Obviously I’m nothing like him but I bet there are loads of kids on estates all over England who loved Scarface for similar reasons. The soundtrack is brilliant too. Giorgio Moroder, Debbie Harry and so on.


Something Else
Cars. I got into cars early really early on, when I was about 5! My Uncle used to have a Renault 5 GT Turbo. He used to collect a magazine called Cars and Conversions which isn’t around anymore. It wasn’t like Max Power or anything like that, it was more aimed at people who messed about with cars in garages and on their drives. It had an effect on me. My favourite car would be a 70s Porsche 911. Would love one.

1970 Porsche 911E Targa

Mark Smith

I had pizza for tea.


  1. I was waiting for the first shed comment
    80s Philistines

  2. Shedonism

    What an arse no sheds in site…. Gets a bit popular and ditches all us shed lovers…, come back coddy we miss you..

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