Favourite Fives – Richard Gill

Not content with chatting to one Mancunian clothing institution last week (here), we’ve only gone and doubled up. This time we’ve gone back in time with a favourite five from the brains behind the a man who is probably the city’s longest established vintage clothing authority.

Richard Gill runs Bags of Flavor on Tib Street in Manchester. He specialises not just in custom made bags, but also all manner of rainwear and sportswear, the type of stuff that has come to characterise the North West of England. If you’re after something you can’t find, he’s the man to find it.

Here’s his favourite five.

I love films always have always will . I used to stay up late with my Dad as a kid and watched old 40/50’s black and white films. Then later on I really took notice of all the good 70’s movies that came out of a really raw period of movie making. Then the 80’s was full of cult classics. Up to present day there are lots of great films and imdb is amazing for finding stuff I have yet to see.


There ain’t nothing like hip hop music. From abject poverty in 70/80’s New York,  music in the 80’s was the first music that made me think “Wow this is for me!” I love all the four elements of hip hop: subway graffiti, rapping, B-boying and djing. It was truly a great time in history as everything from the past was resampled and made fresh and the clothing worn with street style was amazing and still resonates today. Look how advanced the dancing, the graffiti the djing is in 2014.


Specifically vintage outdoor clothing. I do this for a living so it’s always going to be a favourite. I really still get a buzz out of finding vintage clothing I have never seen before and the vast array of amazing products still to find from brands like Berghaus, Sprayway, North Face, Mountain Equipment, Peter Storm, Belstaff, Barbour still blows my mind in 2014. I have been selling vintage for 20 years.


The iron horse is just a great way to get about. I like the freedom bicycles give and its fun building your own bikes. I must admit, the 5 bikes I own is a lot but who cares? It’s one of the greatest inventions, for me.


Something Else
Dogs. I always had dogs around growing up. My Dad had twin red setters named Zac and Zeus so when I got older I always wanted dogs of my own. When I’m out with Rocco my lab collie cross, it’s always a great way to switch off from the modern world. And what’s, the point of having loads of outdoor coats if you don’t use them.



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