Favourite Fives: Roger Cashmore

If you’ve ever spent any considerable time in Wilmslow or Flannels in town then you probably already know the uber-entrepeneur that is Roger Cashmore at least in spirit if not in person. Having recently finished his LOLCANO of a book ’40 x 40′ we thought we’d sit him down (on a really expensive cream leather sofa) and asked him if he could lend us a few quid and to tell us all about his favourite five.


My new house in Alderley Edge is a work of art. When me and the Doris bought it the blurb said it had “elevated vistas, views across the Cheshire Plain – designed in a style known as the Arts and Crafts Movement. Bold forms and colours.” Anyway, we fucking levelled it. We started from scratch and did it properly in a kind of “Tudor Gothic” look. Six bedrooms (all en-suite), a gym, a wet room, indoor pool, massive kitchen. And it had dressing rooms and walk-in wardrobes for us both. And it had my own domain, a lads’ room with 20-seat cinema. To be fair, Mrs C’s silicon jubblies are a fair work of art as well. Cost me enough.




I’m a massive film fan. I love all the greats – Al Pacino. Robert De Niro. Danny Dyer. Best flick though is this one I’m the producer of – it’s called Straight Outta Congleton. Sort of like Lock Stock meets Wolf of Wall Street. It’s about this Russian mob trying to muscle in on the turf of Cheshire’s main firm. To be fair we only did it for the tax scam and the fanny but it’s got potential.



When I was headline speaker at the Cheshire Business Convention at Tatton Park in October 2008 I blew their socks off. Proper rip roaring rabble rouser that had them going wild by the end. Stuck it Gordon Brown and everything. I walked out onto the stage to that song about your sex being on fire by them Yank lads. Fucking mint.



This bird who does my PR tried to get me into a Toyota Prius for the eco warrior cred. Fuck that shit. My pride and joy is a Hummer H3 Utility – which I sprayed bright green to prove I care. Got a Bentley GT Continental as a runabout, gets me from A to B. Keep the Ferrari fanny magnet for Friday runs down to the gaff in Abersoch.



It’s all there in this book about my incredible life. My journey. It’s called 40 by 40 and I tell the story of how I made my first £40 million quid before my last big birthday. A few twists and turns along the way. But it proves that if you work hard enough you can achieve anything in life, that and a trust fund, grants from the council, VAT scams and a set of Salford gangsters doing your credit control.

40 By 40 - 1005444

Buy a copy of ’40 x 40′ HERE.

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