Favourite Fives: Steven Kimura

Steven Kimura is one of the people behind ace US outdoor clothing brand Owner Operator. They focus on true technical outdoor apparel which looks just as great in the city as it does on the slopes. Their clothing is made in New York City’s garment district. Look out for more of their stuff in Proper Issue 13, due out early 2013.

In the meantime here’s what Steven chose as his own personal Favorite Five. Note the American spelling there. That’s because he’s from America, see. The first of our interviewees from across the pond.

Item of Clothing

Years ago, when I couldn’t work up any enthusiasm to buy myself a pair of jeans, it occurred to me that I could just make my own instead. I drew a paper pattern, studied another pair for reference, and started sewing. They’re literally the first pattern, and the first garment I ever made. There’s a lot more wrong with them than there is right, but you have to start somewhere.


I don’t know where to even start looking for a favorite. A few books from the shelf worth mentioning are This Band Could be Your Life, and No Logo.Two inspiring books that can help steer you in the right direction.


I recently came across a concert film of a Leonard Cohen’s 1970 performance at the Isle of Wright. It’s incredible to watch a poet and singer-songwriter completely mesmerize a previously chaotic and unruly crowd of a half a million people.


Chris Ware’s new novel/assemblage, Building Stories is incredible.

Something else

IBT 1996 from Steven Kimura on Vimeo.

Ingemar Backman Trast in Substance (1996)

Owner Operator was born from snowboarding, and this video part is from the best time in the history in the sport. Back when things seemed to be headed in the right direction!

Mark Smith

I had pizza for tea.

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