Fera Casts Off with new Trout Bum Collection

Every sport has its enthusiasts, and they take many forms. The sedentary nature of some makes the less energetic types who indulge a bit of a ‘type’. You know all about Surf Bums, but what about those who participate in arguably the most popular sport of all, fishing?

To celebrate the legions of people up and down the land who spend their free time embedded in the culture of fishing, Fera have launch a new collection named ‘Trout Bum’.

Fera was founded by two chaps who identify with the description and so are well placed to know what makes that particular protagonist tick. This range takes from the heritage of fishing clothing yet makes it just as ready for the street. The outdoors and the city cross over with each other quite comfortably these days, so even if you don’t know your rod from your line, you can still find use for this gear.

Releasing today at Fera’s website, the collection includes the Wandle Vest, a hard-wearing canvas vest named after the River Wandle that runs through south London, a washed cotton twill cap with Fera Fly embroidery and a garment dyed trout bum t-shirt. Fera have also partnered with British craftsmen who have built them hand-carved wooden fishing nets, fly boxes (from a workshop that has been making them since 1860) and a very limited run of intricately hand-built fly fishing rods.

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