Fera redefines heritage

Any brand that uses latin to choose its name is absolutely fine by me. Though latin fell out of use around the time the Roman Empire fell apart, its legacy is a group of languages grouped together under the banner of ‘romance languages’. And who doesn’t like a bit of romance, at the end of the day, really?

Like some of our favourite brands of the last few years, Fera takes what already exists and somehow makes it into something new. It’s an uncommon ability.

With an overall look and feel that confidently whispers ‘heritage’, this isn’t a vintage, or reworked rehash of things that already exist. Think of it more as an acknowledgement of what went before and how it still works just as well for the purpose it was invented for.

There are several long-established outdoor brands with an eye for quality, construction and details, and all have a story so old it’s worth telling. Fera have all of these qualities apart from the ‘old’ bit. In its place they’ve got a more modern sensibility.

Founded by two friends called Sidney and Declan. They wanted to celebrate the crossing of that picket line (topical) between work and play. And unlike an actual, serious picket line, this is one everyone wants to cross.

With the pandemic still present in the rear view mirror, there are lots of brands who will tentatively tell you it’s not been the disaster for them that it has for other areas of fashion. Those who make reliable outerwear have benefited from the population embracing the outdoors in a way rarely seen since Victorian times. Back then, there were no gyms or five a side centres, so the countryside was the natural place to let off steam. When that was once again the case during various shades of lockdown, the outdoors came to the rescue, providing an enviable exercise opportunity as well as a sense of solitude you don’t get as you plod the treadmill with DJ Sammy making your ears cry.

It’s not just about going for a long walk though. Fera are quick to point this out. The outdoors isn’t just a place to wander around, but a unique setting in which a wide range of activities are very much at home. So whether you’re fishing or foraging, Fera have you in their thoughts. They make gear that is meant to last, which is a selling point in itself, but is also great for the planet. If you buy something well made it’ll pay you back over time.

Fera themselves are keen to repay the debt to nature, with 5% of all annual sales going to conservation causes, which is perhaps the best example of their more contemporary take on what brands should represent, even ones inspired by outdoor heritage.

It’ll be interesting to see how their onward journey takes shape, but all of the boxes appear to be very much ticked.

Find out more at or better still, give their new film a watch. Entitled ‘The Detour’ it illustrates what their brand is about better than any words could, but I’ve written them now so there you go.

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