FILA and Wood Wood team up for doubles

Great Danes Wood Wood and the Italians of Fila have got together to bring a little of each other to something new.

As you already know, Fila began life 110 years ago in Biella, Italy, though in the last couple of generations it’s their introduction to the tennis court which has really made its name. On the flip side, Wood Wood will only enter their third decade next year so their approach is naturally a more contemporary one.

The result of this game, set and match up is a suave collection which effortlessly combines the DNA of both brands. You can tell the models dig it too. On one of them, it’s written all over his face.

Take a few minutes to watch the video featuring Karl-Oskar Olsen who will explain it all far better than we can.

Available from WoodWood now, and from additional retailers including Fila later this month.

Mark Smith

I had pizza for tea.

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