Fila AW15 Capsule – Size? Exclusive

Well, this is refreshing.

Following cartoonish guilty pleasure films like The Business and The Firm, 80s sportswear enjoyed a resurgence it probably didn’t need. Old men began to dress like young men again, and young men began to dress like old men dressing like young men. It rarely worked, to my eyes at least. It was all a bit too retro.

An yet, through the fog of Dadsuals, brands like Fila still had provenance. And in this Size? exclusive capsule collection they’ve managed to appeal to the right type of young British people without tainting it all with the retro brush. It’s good stuff that stays faithful to the 80s sailing vibe while somehow looking fresh. So yeah, nice. Get on it here.

1224_Fila_Lookbook_Jacket_1 1224_Fila_Lookbook_Jacket_Navy_2 1224_Fila_Lookbook_Sweat_Cream_2 1224_Fila_Lookbook_Track_Navy_1 1224_Fila_Lookbook_Track_Navy_2 1224_Fila_Lookbook_Tshirt_Cream_1

Mark Smith

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