Filson Redwood Anorak

As I sat here trying to work out what the proper time is (the hour has gone back, or has it?) I began to ponder the fact I’ll be standing outside tomorrow for 3 hours. Kids football training, you see.

We’re told there will be 70mph winds. I’ll level with you Jed, I’m really scared. *Partridge face*

While I’ve slowly started to develop a bit of anoraknaphobia of late (fear of coats with hoods), it’s not to the point where I’m impractical.

Rain necessitates a hood, a wise man probably once said in a book somewhere. And this from the Great Divide is the perfect Made in the USA example of keeping the rain out and a proper top hood. I might actually buy this.

filson_the_great_divide_009_large filson_the_great_divide_010_large filson_the_great_divide_015_large

Mark Smith

I had pizza for tea.

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