Finisterre – Etobicoke

My first thoughts when I saw the words “Finisterre – Etobicoke” while watching the Champions League was my football geek knowledge must be slipping. I’d never heard of either team. Then I stopped being a silly sausage and remembered it related to an email that popped into my inbox recently.

I first saw Finisterre in a shop on Manchester’s Tib Street that seemed to last around 2 weeks about 3 years back. I remember being quite impressed with some of their stuff and surprised I hadn’t heard of it before. Perhaps that’s because it began like a lot of the most interesting brands – as a labour of love. Founder Tom Kay began by getting a small number of fleeces made and grew Finisterre organically from there.

Modelled by champion around the world cyclist, James Bowthorpe the Etobicoke jacket is a classic insulated design, built to withstand the mountains but smart enough to look effortlessly smart in the city pubs. Combined with its ability to pack away into its own pocket and turn into a travel pillow makes it one super versatile garment.  It provides maximum warmth for minimum weight.

The jacket is made up from a windproof and water resistant ripstop outer shell that is super durable and 100% recycled and recyclable.  It is filled with primaloft eco synthetic insulation (100g/m2).   It also has a microfleece lined collar and pockets.

Mark Smith

I had pizza for tea.

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