Five Fits from Stuarts London

One of the longest-established presences of the UK’s independent menswear landscape, Stuarts first opened back in 1967, with a store in London’s Shepherd’s Bush.

Riding successive waves of youth culture, Stuarts has provided uniforms for those dedicated to numerous style tribes, from Mod to Casual and everything else besides, or so it seems.

Most of the shops that existed back in the years before man had landed on the moon are long gone but it’s testament to Stuarts’ longevity that they’re still here, continuing to remain relevant to a new generation of style-conscious chaps.

We recently decided to get in touch with them and ask them to provide us with five key looks that represent some of the best garments currently on offer, both in store and online.

A strong presence from stalwarts like Carhartt WIP, Lacoste, Birkenstock and Snow Peak features, each with their own distinct occasion in mind.

Naturally we’re pleased to share these looks and shine a light on a retailer with time-served knowledge and experience.

Check Stuarts out here.

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