Five Outerwear Pieces of Italian Origin

Hands up who loves Italy? We do. Whether its the culinary delights they have offered the world, their vast and varied countryside, the stylish cities from the top of the boot to the heel, or their eye for craftsmanship combined with luxury, Italy is a country we’re very much onboard with. And we’ve not even mentioned the football.

With a Champions League Final in the offing this week, we thought we’d shine another light on the type of outerwear fit for the terraces. While the Etihad is a ten minute walk from where we sit, we’ll be rooting for the Italians of Inter in the final, and not because we’re all of the red persuasion either.

Here are five very special garments for a very special occasion.

C.P. Company Flatt Nylon Anorak
We begin with a perennial Proper favourite, C.P. Company. Fittingly, this comes in the shade of blue normally associated with summertime swimming pools. We’d call it aqua, they call it Frosty Spruce.
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ST95 Dyne Smock
Rekindled relatively recently, Osti’s short-lived ST95 project continues to honour his memory, carefully curating ranges with hidden depths. With Christopher Raeburn onboard, this stuff is made ethically using the best fabrics.
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Stone Island Half Zip Overshirt
No list of Italian outerwear is complete without Stone Island. And yet this isn’t technically outerwear is it? You’ll wear it as such, but no. The sartorial adjudicator has just confirmed it *puts finger to ear*, yep, no, not outerwear. You make your own rules.
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Paul & Shark High Density Jacket
Despite sounding like it’s British or American, Paul and Shark calls Italy home. You can tell, too, with the style and fit being very Italian and very much in keeping with the other garms on this here list.
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Nemen Nylon Cutter Blend Jacket
Based in Milan and founded by Leonardo Fasolo, Nemen is one of the most underrated brands out there. Experimental and distinctive, this is the brand to go to when you want something slightly different to the norm.
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