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Sweden has been on my mind a lot lately. I’ve got a couple of internet pals (Yep, just said that) who piqued my already keen interest in the gaff and having visited their neighbour Finland a few years back, I just really fancy going there. That will probably happen this summer as a mate who looks after football pitches has just started a six month stint sorting out a Swedish top division club whose name I can’t really pronounce. It’s got some of those letters in its name that look like something to do with sex.

As a result of that, and some work with a really, really exciting Swedish brand recently, I’ve been regularly Skyping and Facetiming Scando parts, as well as googling that mad bridge/tunnel that crosses from Denmark to Sweden.

But the interest in Sverige began way back in the 90s, and no I’m not talking about Ace of Base. That Swedish team that took part in USA ’94 was pretty smart wasn’t it? In a World Cup which saw their first win since 1974, they eventually reached the semi-final and indeed third place. They also wore a nice kit and had female fans who caught the eye of the 16 year old me at the time.

Sweden slowly slipped off my radar and didn’t really return until a local retailer of serious repute decided to twist our minds with Fjallraven about a decade ago. Now the brand has shops in places like New York City and has cemented itself as not only a brand that works well but also looks great. It has the provenance all us clothes weirdos crave, with their classic Greenland Jacket barely evolving in the decades since it was first designed. Because it didn’t need to.

Spring/Summer 2015 sees another chapter in the story of those Swedish Stalwarts, with not addicted going heavy on it, with good reason. I’m off for a look around Ikea anyway. All the best.

See it all here.

fjallraven-abrisko-hybrid-jacket-camp-fire-yellow-562x674 fjallraven-fox-t-shirt-562x674 fjallraven-greenland-jacket-black-562x674 fjallraven-greenland-jacket-cork-sand-562x674 fjallraven-kiruna-bucket-hat-fog-562x674 fjallraven-raven-jacket-uncle-blue-562x674 fjallraven-trekking-t-shirt-grey-562x674

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  1. if u’d like to spend some days in copenhagen, drop me a line, u can crash at mine!

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