Fjallraven AW14 at Not Addicted

When the nauses of the internet unite and throw about phrases like ‘wardrobe staple’, ‘shirting’ and ‘bibflange’ it’s a massive turn off, even if I made one of those up.

But when looking at Fjallraven this season, and indeed every season it’s hard to find a phrase that sums it up better. I’m going to try though. Well priced, well made, steeped in Scando history, pound for pound blah blah blah

I’m preaching to the converted though really aren’t I? Fjallraven make the most consistent of cold weather cool coats. Now, I’m off to try and finally come up with a hilarious pun based on the phrase ‘Foxes Glacier, Mint. Maybe next time. Because I will write about Fjall again. It’s here to stay isn’t it?

Get on it at Not Addicted.

fjallraven-greenland-jacket-autumn-leaf fjallraven-greenland-jacket-autumn-leaf-side fjallraven-greenland-jacket-black fjallraven-greenland-jacket-black-side fjallraven-sarek-trekking-jacket-dark-olive fjallraven-sarek-trekking-jacket-dark-olive-neck fjallraven-sarek-trekking-jacket-dark-olive-side fjallraven-sarek-trekking-jacket-ink-blue fjallraven-sarek-trekking-jacket-ink-blue-angle fjallraven-sarek-trekking-jacket-ink-blue-side

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