Fjallraven Bags at tuktuk

Not content with selling a smashing array of essentials done well, tuktuk have branched out, adding other brands to their website. La Paz, Leyva, Veras and a couple of others who sound similarly exotic now sit alongside tuktuk’s own gear which itself has gone from strength to strength.

Fjallraven though is perhaps the most established name on there. Famous for their understandably ubiquitous Kanken and their resolute outerwear, the Swedish brand have done a very good job of looking like they’ve been established in the UK for ages, despite only really starting to make waves about 15 years ago. It’s their various bags which tuktuk have gone heavy on, and for good reason. They’re always well made, they’re priced accessibly and as with almost everything Fjall do, they’re in nice colours.

Get a closer look on the tuktuk website.

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