Fjallraven High Coast Wind Anorak

The etymology of lightweight hooded jackets is something we take very seriously here at our Ancoats nerve centre. Is it a windbreaker? Is it a windcheater? An anorak? Or is it a cagoule? And if it is a cagoule, is cagoule even the right well to spell cagoule? Phil Thornton of Casuals fame once reprimanded me for not spelling it kagool, claiming cagoule was in fact the posh way of spelling it.

And don’t even get me started on the correct way to pronounce Fjallraven. All I know is I am able to say it with a much more authentic Scandinavian bent when I do so with a gobstopper lodged towards the back of my throat. Try it.

Anyway, you don’t come here to read stuff do you? You come here to look at pretty pictures of coats with hoods and trainers and that. Here are three beautiful examples of lightweight hooded jackets. They’re so nice they’re almost taking our mind off how to pronounce them.

You should really check your paypal account or ask your Dad for your spends early, because these are archetypal anoraks, well nice windbreakers and cool cagoules. Or maybe something else. Who cares?

Get yours at Oi Polloi.

Fjallraven-160217-0302_f13544c2-bb73-4305-b56e-f0a8faeaa67b Fjallraven-160217-0500_1ee85209-b316-4abd-8706-8bca9e1cbc7e Fjallraven-160217-0600_4a433d58-41ad-421c-8b7c-540b64a83209

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