Fjallraven Kanken at Oi Polloi


“No, Mum, I told you: I don’t want to take a bag to school – me butties’ll go in me pocket. Yes I will be fine – you watch.” Not having a bag in school is seen as quite cool: the bagless are often seen as #mavericks who do as they please and don’t answer to no-one, ‘specially maths teachers with bad halitosis. However, you’re not in school now are you, so grow up, mate. You probably do need a bag now y’know.

“But loads of bags look well shit,” you might say. I hear you and do sympathise, but you’ve probably not seen a Fjallraven Kanken – cos they don’t look shit at all. In fact, they’re the perfect bagging solution for any internet casual (or normal person) who typically doesn’t agree with bags – you can carry all your stuff in them and still look well hard if you really want to. You don’t have to resemble a Scandinavian schoolchild and carry it over your shoulders either (though many do choose this option due to its convenience) – those of us with a reputation of toughness to maintain can carry it just like we’d carry a normal carrier bag (or a Samurai carrying a defeated opponent’s severed head by the topknot, if you will).

A Kanken’ll fit your corned beef butties in, a can of ginger beer, a book for your train or bus ride, a world cinema DVD, and maybe even a spare pair of shoes or whatever. They pay for themselves – trust us. And err, Zooey Deschanel was photographed wearing one once, so if you get one your chances of putting a baby in her at some point will instantly increase tenfold – so think on, pal.







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