Folk Acid Print Sweat

Get a load of this, the aptly named Acid Print sweat from Folk. They’re mad, Folk, aren’t they? They like mixing things up, making slightly racy clothes that make your Dad go “What’s the make? Folk? Well, you know the saying don’t you, nowt so queer as…”

You get the idea.

I’m not sure any clothing has the power to turn your sexual preferences on their head. But then if anything were to alter your state of mind, it’d be this sweatshirt. It looks like a normal grey marl sweatshirt but when viewed through a stained glass window, shortly after eating lots and lots haribos.

I’d like one of these for summer, but I think I’d have to grow my hair like that Mickey Flanagan or Lionel Messi of 4 years ago. Acid House vibes and all that. I’m not kissing a man though. I’m old school like that.

All the best anyway.



Mark Smith

I had pizza for tea.


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