Folk Clothing AW12 at Liberty London

I love Folk.

It’s hard not to be lazy when talking about the brand, using words like “quirky”. It’d be doing them a disservice though. Alluding to zany t-shirt designs and mad details on jackets makes them sound overly gimmicky. And while gimmicks are undoubtedly a nice little facet of what they’re about, it’s never self indulgent of style over substance.

Browsing the Liberty website the other day I noticed a few bits that took my fancy. The hat isn’t something I’d dare do the school run in… I live in the north of England, where men are men and hats like that can get you glassed. Doesn’t stop me from appreciating it though.

The Rain Mac is one we all know about, and this season sees them mix things up with fabrics and different pocket details. It’s one of those jackets you see about a fair bit, especially in that London, but it doesn’t necessarily diminish the appeal. If I were to channel my inner Roy Chubby Brown I’d mention how this is purple, hooded and drives women wild, or something.


And finally, that Necklace T-shirt is the Ian Brown money t-shirt for the style conscious.

See more at Liberty London.



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