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It feels like Penfield has been around forever, doesn’t it? Well, a quick jog of the memory bank tells me it’s actually three years older than me. That’s right, it’s 24.

Ok, 45, which makes me feel old.

With middle age though comes an assuredness, experience, knowledge. We’ve been about a bit. Penfield have dabbled in various graphic tees down the years but arguably this season’s offering is as close to their DNA as it gets.

Founded in 1975 in one of those American states you’ve got the check the spelling of (Massachusetts), Penfield reached its zenith in the 1980s, supplying warm weather gear to Americans. They became the go-to guys for other outdoor brands when they wanted some outerwear expertise and while this here t-shirt may not be designed to keep you warm, it’s still very much in keeping with the story look and feel of an under-rated brand which is always there, always reliable and always affordable.

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