Fott x The North Face – City Hiking

The lads at Fott once again strike a chord with us, in this latest video shot in their home city of Moscow.

Living in a place like Stockport may seem totally at odds with Moscow but we get where they’re coming from. With Manchester looming large over us and the Peak District bringing up the rear, our hometown is understandably a curious mix of the two. Yet leisure time for me and my lot is almost always spent heading for the city.

With the spring now in full swing and the kids on their Easter break, maybe now it’s time to look a little closer to home. Most towns and cities in the developed world have parks within walking distance. Even if you have to spend 20 minutes on a train, the great outdoors is never far away.

And yet, despite this short film reminding us there’s wildlife and nature much nearer than we think, it just makes me want to go to Moscow even more. Oh, and I also fancy one of those North Face jackets.

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