Recently, it seems barely a day has passed without me seeing some sort of article on the internet about Russia. They’re rarely positive. Whether they’re pointing out how Russians don’t really like men kissing other men or making a serious political statement about Ukraine, it seems the West doesn’t have much nice to say about Russia. Well, apart from me, anyway.

I’d love to go there. It intrigues me, and that interest was only enhanced by my new mate Kirill, of Moscow’s Fott. He sent us a look at the latest Fott Paper, which handily for me, is largely focused on their trip to England. I’m expecting some copies in the post soon, but for now, here’s a little preview.  Politics usually bores me, whereas nice photography and lots of coats doesn’t. So for me, Russia (and Fott) remain firmly in my good books.

FOTTPAPER 6 London from FOTT on Vimeo.

При подготовке летнего номера FOTTPAPER мы много времени провели в Лондоне. Наш фотограф Леонид Сорокин между основными съемками снял серию видео, на которых запечатлел повседневную жизнь города.

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