Fresh A-Cold-Wall* at John Anthony

Samuel Ross’ brainchild arrives with it’s most refined ready to wear collection to date.

Photo by Linda Nyland

As ought to be expexted from a protégé of Virgil Abloh, Samuel Ross’ designs are always about more than the clothes themselves. A-Cold-Wall* is at its foundation an art project that aims to explore British culture through materiality. That being said the brand is acutely aware of its role in designing garments that are functional and stylish. Whilst provoking thought is the pinnacle of great art, in the world of clothes it is creating an identity and aesthetic that resonates which is king. A-Cold-Wall* is a rare example of a brand that does both thanks to Ross’ meticulous process based approach to making.

The most recent selection of garments take us on a journey of exploration through camoflage, puff prints, recycled nylon and more. As well as experimental pieces there are A-Cold-Wall*’s take on classics like hoodies, overshirts, fleeces, tees and down jackets. Multiple shades of grey as well as black blue and lime green make up the colour pallette, which is anchored around evoking a sense of brutalism and its futurist connotations.

Check out John Anthony’s selection here

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