Garbstore Ambleside Parka

Imagine John Rambo and Massimo Osti met by chance one afternoon in a Bologna coffee shop. Go on, imagine it. Then imagine that after they had got the pleasantries out of the way (not to mention those little biscuits you get with a coffee on the continent) they got to talking jackets. And John Rambo’s thousand yard stare met Massimo’s eccentric eyes and a vision was born. Go on, imagine it.

This is that vision. With overtones of the ice camo jacket Osti did for Stone Island, this is a far more practical winter alternative. If you’ve got one of those overbearing mothers who tells you to “Wrap up warm, you’ll catch a chill”, then this is for you. And her, really. Ideal for riding a stolen motorbike through a creek (in the Lake District, well it is called the Ambleside Parka) while being pursued by a local of small town coppers hungry to kick your tits off.

Available from Newfangle Clothing.

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Mark Smith

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