Garbstore Shift Parka

Hmm, Garbstore. It’s the brand One True Saxon might have been, but we’re glad it isn’t. Ian Paley spend months out of the country working with all sorts of cool cats in search of his own version of perfection. Making the most of classic workwear and military clothing, but adding an unfamiliar twist to it. It works doesn’t it?

A perfect example is this shift parka, available at Six Whiting Street. Map pocket, ridge peak on hood, it’s the perfect jacket for the stylish boy scout or maybe a modern day John Rambo on his return from the war. Imagine if Rambo had worn this at the end when he went home, but instead of walking up that famous ‘long road’ he goes into a flat in Surbiton. It wouldn’t be Rambo at all would it. Look it’s late, I don’t know what I’m trying to say. How about you just concentrate on the jacket yeah?

Oh, I nearly forgot to say, it’s in the sale, so don’t hang about.

Mark Smith

I had pizza for tea.

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