Garbstore x Anonymous Ism Socks

Urban Ramblers take note, our favourite Japanese sock makers have teamed up with an English institution, and they’re available via our Portuguese chums at Newfangle.

The superbly named Anonymous Ism socks are a firm favourite here at Proper Towers (well, in my wardrobe) and in amongst the various understandably expensive, luxurious foot warmers, they stand out as easily the best.

And if you know your Proper Mag history you’ll know the high esteem we hold Garbstore in.

The socks though, what about the socks?

Well, look at them for a start. Proper honest camping socks designed to take the strain of a day walking up and down hills, or just posing with an expensive cup of coffee.

They come in a pack of two. Well, four in total. That’s two pairs.

Hikerdelia lives on, in Portugal via England and Japan.

Get some here before they’re all gone.

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