Get Knitted Out – Winter Warmers

We’ve combed the web for knits, which when said but not written sounds like something Mummy Spider does for Baby Spider when his Primary School sends a letter home. Parents will get this one.

Knitwear though, is having something of a moment and not before time. A solid crew neck is never not in fashion, but some of the mad treatments applied to the cardies and sweaters out there right now are something to behold. With this in mind we’ve pulled together a little selection of our faves.

Percival Wicker Man Knit
Anything that references cult movie Wicker Man is fine by us. Well, within reason. This from Percival is within said reason. We can’t confirm it’s definitely fire retardant but it probably is, which is a relief, really.
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Wax London Truro Jacket
You know something’s good when it’d look great as part of the wardrobe to Pebble Mill in the 80s, yet also as a nice mid layer for someone who runs a microbrewery.
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Foret Orbit Wool Knit
Presumably in development for many years, this piece from Foret bears the legend ‘Good Things Take Time’. And they do.
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Allevol x Inverallan Cable Knit Cardigan
This would be at home on the front cover of a folk album from the early 70s or maybe a book of knitwear patterns featuring a pointing middle-aged chap with joy in his eyes and brylcreem in his hair.
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La Paz Prata Mock Neck Sweater
For those times when you want to add some weight to the theory you’re from fisherman stock and your anchor tattoo isn’t just for show. Grow a beard, don one of these from Portugal’s own La Paz and adopt a thousand yard stare. Pipe optional.
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BEAMS PLUS Cardigan Chevron Stripe Jacquard Mohair 9G
No Knitwear round up would be complete without something mohair. This zigzag affair is the type of thing you’re not allowed to wear on TV, due to the fact it’d dazzle viewers and outfox techies behind the scenes with its contrast colours. A shame, because it deserves the platform tbf.
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