Going Green – Ten Jackets for Spring

Despite warnings of impending storms and a deluge of snow, Spring is just around the corner. In readiness for that, many of our fave shops are showcasing their new collections, in that slightly premature way they do. “Want some shorts, even though you’re shivering? Here, have some.”

Weird though it is, who are we to break the status quo? We’ve instead jumped on and chosen some suitably springtime smothers in various shades of green, a colour we’ll be seeing a little more of in the coming months, and not just in our wardrobes.

Stone Island Supima Cotton Twill Stretch-TC Hooded Overshirt – Sage
Not outerwear round-up is complete without an inclusion of the compass patch. While its prevalence at the football looms larger than ever, its appeal endures and extends way beyond provincial terraces these days.
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adidas Adventure Overhead Jacket – Green
That shade of teal is synonymous with adidas. Not sure why. Whether it’s their Equipment range or the Adventure moniker employed here, it’s one that’ll always be quintessentially adidas. This cagoule affair quietly screams music festival.
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C.P. Company Gabardine Zipped Overshirt – Bronze Green
Though no longer stablemates, SI and CP came from the same DNA so wherever Stone Island goes, C.P. inevitably follows and vice versa, certainly for most people. This shade of green is barely green at all, but a military hue. Given C.P. is the older of the two, this distinguished shade is fitting.
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Sassafras Armor Shell Bud Jacket
Ideal for sitting in a greenhouse listening to the wireless while flowers grow all around you, this piece from Sassafras takes a very particular gardening influence and somehow makes it cool.
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Klattermusen Bestla Anorak
No apologies here from us for including Klattermusen in yet another product round up. The super Swedes take their name from the words for climbing mouse. You can imagine it now can’t you? Little fella, block of cheese under his arm, backpack on. Or is that just me?
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Rocky Mountain Featherbed GT Down Jacket Emerald
Looking like something the winner of best outfit at the Memphis Belle themed fancy dress party wouldwear, this RMFB effort is the kind of archival treat that will look just as good in 100 years.
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Satta Shell Tek Olive
Ok, now we’re stretching the ‘green’ theme aren’t we? This is almost brown, but if you want a fight about it, let’s see what you’ve got. Oh, you don’t want to fight? Fine. Good. No sense in that anyway. Satta is about peace and love anyway.
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Service Works Corduroy Market Smock
A workwear brand with a difference, Service Works takes the pressurised environment of the kitchen and weaves it into clothing.
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Homecore Oxmo Cord Jacket
We don’t write about smart stuff on this website enough, but in Homecore is a brand that rejects the stiffness usually associated with more formal garments. They’re based in Paris, go figure.
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Ralph Lauren Traveller Hooded Jacket – Tan / Multi
RL is great with colours isn’t he? Not that he personally designed this actual jacket, but you know what we mean don’t you?
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