Goldwin takes a trek

Not content with having cemented their credentials in the area of trail running, Goldwin continues to tell a story of the sheer utility of its gear.

With an eye on activity, Goldwin have therefore created a Trekking collection, made for the variable conditions encountered on the mountain. Like all good design, nothing is there that shouldn’t be there, and in that regard it remains steadfastly minimalist.

GORE-TEX and PERTEX are employed for their specific suitability to the task at hand. In the case of the former, the GORE-TEX Aqua Tech 3L Jacket is a breathable, windproof jacket that includes a three- dimensional design at sleeves, which adapts to the human body and movements, resulting in a high-level freedom of movement. Exactly what you need on the undulating ups and downs of the hills.

Meanwhile, via the PERTEX SHIELDAIR Mountaineering Jacket, keeps a light and active aesthetic at the fore, weather resistant without taking away from movement and flexibility. In addition, the Breathable Dry Air Fleece Hoodie is a base layer made with “Octa,” a polyester fiber with radially arranged protrusions on hollow fibers with holes. This material is lightweight, quick-drying, and highly breathable.

In all, it’s another smart selection of

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