Good Measure Heavyweight Football T-Shirts

My love/hate relationship with football is just the right side of the line at the moment. I think it’s because another inept season for my ailing football club ended with a win on Saturday and I don’t have to endure more village teams bringing more players than fans, and turning us over. We beat City once, you know. (Well, more than once actually but I won’t go on about it. Much).

Speaking of City though, two thirds of Good Measure are of that footballing bent. But the Football T-Shirts they’ve just released don’t really reference¬†football we know and love here in the North West heartlands. No, it’s gridiron. Basically rugby for people who eat loads of burgers and wear crash helmets. It probably isn’t but I’ve never been interested enough to have that slightly narrow-minded view challenged.

My interest in NFL never really went much further than wearing some Pony Linebackers and a Miami Dolphins shirt with loads of little holes in it. I’m pretty sure I got it from a discount shop, which means I was probably a good few years behind on that. I’ve hopefully remedied my tardiness in that respect by telling you about these American Football inspired tees from Good Measure though. If you love them half as much as I do, then you’ll be chuffed to buggery.

As ever with Good Measure releases, it’s got its own catalogue type number. M-11. Pretty Mancunian to do that isn’t it? Especially when it’s the postcode area of one of the city’s football teams (you can guess). I might be wrong though, perhaps they’re all closet fans of Cambridge United and the name is a reference to the nearby motorway. Nah.

For the fashion and fabric geeks out there, the M-11 t-shirt is made from a heavyweight (250gsm) cotton mix jersey, knitted and made in England. There’s the¬†classic yoke seam across the chest and it comes in Cowboy Pink for the Brokeback Casuals out there, plus Lavender Haze. Basically a shade of red and a shade of blue. You don’t need me to connect the dots do you?

Keep your eyes peeled for some hand-dyed, slightly racy colours coming soon too.

Click here to see what I’m making such a fuss about.

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