Good Measure M-21 Sweats – New Colours

I’ve had one of these Good Measure sweats for a few months now and let me tell you, they’re just great. Knowing the people behind a brand can be difficult, especially when they ask you for blog love. Not only do you feel obliged to say nice things, but even when you do, your readers go “Ah, but you would say that, they’re your mates”.

But hand on heart, this stuff is as good as you’ll get, sweat wise. The guys behind Good Measure are proper clothes people who know what they want and spent ages testing, sampling and generally going “Hmm, nope, send it back, the details aren’t quite right” before arriving at a product they were chuffed with.

From personal experience, the fit, feel, weight, detail and pretty much everything else is spot on. I’ve paid big bucks for sweats made by brands you’ve heard of… more established brands than Good Measure, and this stuff blows theirs out of the water. And it’s not as expensive. So you know, go figure.

How can you improve something that’s already as close to perfection as possible?

Simple… you do variations of it. The same, but different. Ever so slightly more fitted due to the fact they’ve been dyed and therefore pre-shrunk slightly.

These two new colours of the tone-setting M-21 sweat are reminiscent of a wine rack, when placed alongside each other. Indeed, the dark red colour is called Gilbert Grape. And as for Soylent Green? What is the secret of Soylent Green? Click here┬áto find out. And once you’ve done it, make sure you get a sweat before the supply of Soylent Green has been exhausted.

Get them here. And do so soon.





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  3. They look lovely. Shame about the sizing though. 22 inches pit to pit for a medium, even accounting for a bit of shrinkage is huge!

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