Good Measure M-4 Scuttler T-Shirts

I don’t know about you, but I prefer my t-shirts like I prefer my steaks… weighty and done very well. Luckily for me, the latest creation of those Manc mechanics of marl and mill woven cotton is right up my street.

No, literally, it’s right up my street. You see, the various motifs take inspiration from the names of Victorian gangs who used to roam the streets right near our office. Most of these streets and areas still exist, though the use of belt buckles as a weapon has long since been outmoded. This Bengal Street pub is now home to a fashion agency.

These are made in England, 220gsm which apparently is really weighty, without being full on sweatshirt material. All in all they’re an ideal addition to your summer wardrobe. Well, that’s if it stops raining.

It’s less Ivy League, more Ivy Brennan. More ale than Yale.

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Mark Smith

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