Gorpgirls take Teva for a dip

The rise in popularity of outdoor brands continues to gather pace, with all sections of society finding solace in nature. It’s well-established that the pandemic had a hand in this, but a lasting legacy of outdoor appreciation remains.

Founded just a couple of years ago, GorpGirls is an online platform, creative agency and collective that specialises in showcasing women embracing the outdoors. This loose yet strong community of female enthusiasts has a particular appreciation for what looks good, which has naturally led to them working as content creators and brand advocates for plenty of established brands.

The most recent of these saw GorpGirls pair up with Teva, whose iconic sandals have a place in every hiker’s pack. In this case, they took the opportunity to take a well-earned dip on their hike, which necessitated more than hardy hiking shoes.

The styles included here are Hurricane Drift Huemix , Original Universal , Terra Fi 5, Hurricane Drift –     Black.

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