Gramicci Drops a Playful Take on SS24

It’s a soulful and vibrant scene that greets us via Gramicci for SS24. Using the brand’s Californian countercultural roots as its essence, the SS24 turns the cosmopolitan and international city of London on its head and reminds us all that it’s not just the domain of money men in suits. Life’s what you make it, and that’s a message Gramicci are onboard with via this campaign. The idea is to remind us the city is at its core a blank canvas to create memories and make our own fun, unearthing the nostalgia of drawn-out school holidays full of mischief and madness. 

The new collection strikes a perfect balance of being designed for purpose in the outdoors whilst offering a modern streetwear aesthetic, something Gramicci seem to do so well. This keeps continuity at its core, continuing the brand’s 40-year-old design philosophy of being “Made for Movement”.

Fabric wise, this is a brand that has tried and tested most of them over the years, so while there are no surprises in composition, freshness is injected via colour. Acknowledging the season, Gramicci also bring us more climbing and swimming gear, aimed squarely at those who lead active outdoor lifestyles, though the patio potatoes amongst us are equally welcome to indulge.  

From a UK perspective, rain is never far away, and Gramicci acknowledge this via technical waterproof jackets and UPF Shield tops

In all, this winning collection is a celebration of colour, comfort and functionality. Whether you’re exploring the outdoors or living the laid-back Californian lifestyle, the collection is made to have maximum fun in.

It launches online on 22/2/24, which at the time of writing is tomorrow. and are the destinations you need to head for.

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