Gramicci Introduces In-Store Library

The way we interact with our favourite clothing brands continues to evolve. The simple, transactional relationship we once enjoyed has long since diversified in numerous ways, and the days of simply entering a shop and buying something you needed feel like a distant memory.

Buying online means the concept of a shop must now encompass more than just selling products. Gramicci know this very well, having opened their flagship London store last year. A minimal but considered shop fit saw tasteful references to their outdoor origins, and now, their latest development brings the outdoors inside once again.

Acknowledging the sense of community all physical stores should now foster, they’ve created a library with more than 100 books on climbing and outdoor life. This source of information is presented as a modern take on the traditional library, with cards used to track who has borrowed what, bringing back an element of traditional content consumption that a younger generation have seemingly abandoned. This in itself reinforces the real life nature of Gramicci as a brand.

You can see the Gramicci Library at Gramicci 3 Earlham St Seven Dials London WC2H 9LL

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