Gramicci Spring/Summer ’23

Anyone who pays the slightest bit of attention to what we post here on this long-established digital fiesta of words and pictures will know our fondness of Gramicci. We’re always going on about the brand, established by climber Mike Graham around 41 years ago, and having seen their latest offering, you’re going to struggle to stop us carrying on.

Let’s start with the t-shirts.

Gramicci T-Shirts
A precise mixture of back prints and front prints, Gramicci’s tees portray the outdoor lifestyle that inspired their brand from day one. There’s something for everyone here.
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Gramicci Trousers
Ok, let’s not call them trousers, let’s call them pants. That’s what they refer to them as. The original G Pant is what made Gramicci what it is, arguably. It takes inspo from climbing and ensures a relaxed fit but rigid reliability. Many other fits have appeared since the G Pant but that’s still their most popular. For the purposes of this post we’re zoning in on the G Pant plus a couple of other alternatives, namely the Gadget Pant and the Relaxed Fit Cargo Pant.

We could get technical but you’re still just gonna scroll through the images above. They show the shape and fit better than we could articulate in mere words anyway.
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Gramicci Hoodies and Sweatshirts
Essentially just an extension of t-shirt print designs, Gramicci know the score when it comes to the right weight and fit of a sweat and hoodie.
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Gramicci Accessories
We could go to town here, but we won’t. Not content with making reliable and eyecatching trousers, tees and sweatshirts, here’s their offering on accessories. A cap and a couple of pairs of socks should whet your appetite to see more, which you can do by tapping your mouse/thumb here.

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