Gramicci SS21 Sale

How many times a week do you fall in love? Well, I just got back from a festival and I’m pretty sure I fell in love at least three times a day. Just to clarify, I’m using love in that way where you meet someone, imagine your life with them, internally conclude that it’s love, and then never see them again. It’s beautiful.

There’s also something about the feeling at a festival that’s a catalyst to these sorts of thoughts. Maybe it’s the freedom in the air: the freedom to dress however you want, the freedom to just be. What a romantic notion.

Anyway, I saw a girl who myself and a good friend decided to dub Compassionate Girl In Cargo Pants. We know she was compassionate because, well, she looked it, and her cargo pants were Gramicci. That was it: we both fell in love with her instantly. 

She was a style icon and it was the Gramicci cargo pants that did it. 

Speaking of Gramicci, the good people atGramicci have a range of their SS21 bits on sale, and that includes shorts, t-shirts, bags and, of course, cargo pants. 

There’s also a set of dresses which I’d really like to buy for Compassionate Girl In Cargo Pants. Alternatively, we are seeing a lot of men wearing dresses these days, so maybe I’ll just bite the bullet and cop one myself. 

Shop the Gramicci sale here.

See the Gramicci sale here.

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