Gramicci team up with Chaco for Summer

Back in 1989, a fly fishing guide called Mark Paigen got frustrated at the quality and design of outdoor sandals to the point where the only answer to his ire was to make his own. He wanted something that was sturdy and supportive but achieved these characteristics without excess material, and with the maximum breathability. Nobody likes wrinkled feet.

After several rounds of prototypes, additional feedback from experts across the board and a final endorsement from a French friend, the Z1 model was ready to be sold. The name supposedly came when the aforementioned Frenchman endorsed the sandal by saying it was “zee one!”.

Remaining as close as possible to its roots, Chaco continues to provide outdoor types with a compelling product. This season they’ve teamed up with Gramicci on a pretty perfect collaboration.

Taking that original Z1 sandal, the pair have added a sprinkling of Gramicci’s zesty personality to create something that’ll serve you well this summer.

If you’re taking to the outdoors, whether beach, balcony or big hill, these adaptable sandals are your best mate.

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