Gramicci Works with Wacko Maria

Contrary to what you may have heard, Wacko Maria is not a woman at the pub who gets a bit crazy after a few Babyshams, nor is it the female version of Michael Jackson, nor is it the name of a very specific type of edible mushroom. It’s a Japanese clothing brand which grew out of a record store, founded by two former J-League Football players and friends, Nobuhiro Mori & Keiji Ishizuka.

The whole concept was born out of their first venture, the Rock Steady bar in Tokyo. The brand’s main inspirations revolve around American culture, film, music, photography and girls. The quality is always premium, but it’s their no unique and rebellious attitude that really sets them apart from their contemporaries.

Meanwhile, the esteem in which we hold Gramicci is established. A little look here shows you we’ve written about them extensively over many years, so that’s all we need to tell you.

The point of all interesting collaborations isn’t necessarily to celebrate shared values but bring newness to each other through a juxtaposition of styles and visuals, and in this mash up between Wacko Maria and Gramicci they’ve captured this pretty well.

The more daring end of the Gramicci customer base will lap this up, while Wacko Maria’s army of followers will no doubt appreciate them working with a brand like Gramicci. Win, win.

When you think of track jackets, what appears in your mind’s eye may be somewhat more exciting than the track jackets of yesteryear. But would they look like this? Probably not, and that’s why it’s good they exist.

Head to the Gramicci website here to find out more.

Alongside these track jackets you’ll find both shirts and shorts, which brings us (sort of) back to football. Whether that’s been done on purpose doesn’t matter.

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