Haglöfs SS22: Embarking on a year of community

Haglöfs’ SS22 collection celebrates what makes any journey unique—the community of people we share it with. Highlights include a completely refitted pants range, a fresh L.I.M lineup, and the first truly synchronized layering system.

It’s their L.I.M range which really stands out to me, literally in fact. I’ve been wearing the L.I.M Fuse pants roughly 3 days a week for the last year and they’re the closest thing I’ve experienced to going out without wearing trousers while still enjoying the benefits of actually wearing a good pair of trousers. Does that make sense?

Back on track though, while the last year was all about the journey, this year Haglöfs are using their profile as a brand to ask us to contemplate those little dots along the journey that aren’t places, but the people we share it with. Think of your favourite memories, especially those indulging in nature, and you’ll be able to remember the people just as strongly as where you went and what you achieved.

The Haglöfs spring/summer 2022 collection represents the start of a year dedicated to celebrating the community of people that journeys together and inspires others to join and experience the world in a different way.

To undertake the sharing of this message without providing the appropriate attire would be remiss, given they’re an award-winning outdoor clothing brand. The aforementioned L.I.M range is uncompromising in that it sheds grams without ever losing its effectiveness. The outdoor world is all about developing, using technological know-how combined with first-hand research. Haglöfs continue to break new ground in this respect and while this gear won’t be available to the average consumer for some time, it’s a very definite flag in the summit for the Swedish masters.

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