Han Kjobenhavn at Peggs and Son

As I type this I’m lying lopsided on my bed. In my bedroom, obvs. I’m squinting like a teargassed protester though, because the sun is rudely intruding through the back window. I reckon the time to hope for snow has gone and it’s most certainly time to look forward to spring. I even tidied my garden ready for some reseeding yesterday. What a mundane, boring, directionless life I lead…

*looks into mirror wistfully*

Seriously though, it’s time for sunglasses. Peggs and Son have only gone and got the new Han Kjobenhavn range in. They’re in Brighton, so sunglasses are de rigeur down there, probably.

For now I’m happy to wrinkle my eyes but it’s a matter of time before I throw my laptop at the wall and resolve to procure some sun specs. When I do, this will be my first port of call. Then I’ll have to buy a new laptop.

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