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Quick, quick, get your shorts on, have a shave and go outside, the sun has got his hat on.

Anyone with half a clue knows that when the sun has his titfer tilted to one side, it’s time to guard your eyes from his patronising stare.

Yes, I’m talking about sunglasses.

You might be one of those frugal types (we called them ‘povs’ round our way) who sees no point in investing in a proper pair of shades. “They’ll only break when I sit on them anyway” you could say. And you’ve got a right to your opinion, even though you’re wrong.

If the clothes maketh the man, what do the sunglasses maketh? I know what they.. er.. maketh. A dead cool fucker, that’s what. They’re also handy for protecting your eyes from the damaging rays of the sun, disguising a recently acquired black eye and also making everywhere look like it’s about 9pm.

These from Han Kjøbenhavn are so cool you’ll even want to wear them indoors.

Get them from here.

Mark Smith

I had pizza for tea.

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