Hanon Teams up with Lavenham to begin new chapter

Aberdonian institution Hanon is showing no signs that their shift to online-only is slowing them down.

Perhaps this is the first example of bricks and mortar becoming less of a prerequisite for brands. Traditionally a retailer would have a far greater chance of being allowed access to the most prestigious brands only if they had a physical store. But this is Hanon we’re talking about. Few UK independents can boast the longevity and reputation associated with this permanent fixture on the clothing and footwear landscape.

If the future is a purely digital one for retailers, Hanon are once again showing they’re early adopters. Having established themselves as purveyors of fine street and skatewear in the late 80s from their own living room, the Toft brothers set up Street Threads in their home city of Elgin in 1993. This soon evolved into Hanon, a name that has become synonymous with innovation and integrity.

News of their doors being closed in Aberdeen was met with regret by those who have followed their progress over the last few decades, but it could easily turn out to just be the dawn of a new era, one which embraces the spirit of community and collaboration in the digital age. Lockdown showed us we can all function perfectly well and in some cases more effectively without the need to be in a physical space for set times and days. Hanon are just reflecting that, surely?

As part of this brave new future, collaborative projects are clearly something Hanon will lean into. This is an area they’ve traditionally done better than most, and this latest link-up with Lavenham is a continuation in that vein.

Comprising a two-piece outerwear capsule, the pair have reinterpreted both the Lavenham Denham jacket and Dublin gilet. Each garment is updated with a utility look and feel and is inspired by the illustrious history of smuggling in Suffolk – the region of England where Lavenham was founded and manufacture their jackets
to this day.

The Denham jacket has been produced to an edition of 45 pieces and the Dublin gilet just 30 pieces.

HANON x Lavenham will be released on Friday, August 11th 2023.

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