Harry Stedman Debut Lookbook

Now for something new but old. British brand Harry Stedman have launched their inaugural lookbook, featuring all their clothing to date. As you can see from the pics, they’ve gone for a certain aesthetic, very James Dean.

Using the photography talents of Damien van der Vlist, stylist Atip W and model-of-the-moment Jed Texas (is that his real name? Probably not) they’ve created something pretty smart haven’t they?

To see more, make sure you check them out at:-

harrystedman01 harrystedman02 harrystedman03 harrystedman04 harrystedman05 harrystedman06 harrystedman07 harrystedman08 harrystedman09 harrystedman10 harrystedman11 harrystedman12 harrystedman14

Mark Smith

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