Hatch Takeover – Surco Presents Back to the Future

Despite some of the perceptions out there, Proper has always enjoyed a very healthy following worldwide. Right from our very first issue going to Mexico and Colombia, our acerbic enthusiasm has reached the parts other magazines struggle to reach. And yet, we’re based in a city which has given the world so much, musically speaking so why shouldn’t we play close to home once in a while? If Noah and LVC see the appeal of Manchester, why can’t we?

With this in mind, it gives us great pleasure to get onboard with Surco to host a party at Hatch in Manchester. As the country begins to dust off its gladrags and embrace the summer, we will don both our Proper and Hikerdelic hats as part of this. We’ll be giving away some goodies too.

If you’re local, or plan to be, we’d very much appreciate seeing you there. You can find out more on the links below.

Free, but limited tickets here
More info on Facebook.
Oh and Instagram too

Mark Smith

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