Heading for a Fall – Ten Trainers for Kicking Conkers

Yep, I did call it ‘fall’, purely because sometimes I quite like calling it ‘fall’. I’m not American, nor am I one of those weird Europeans who talk in an American accent (I’m looking at you Germany). I just like it, OK?

Trainers for kicking conkers is an enduring image, isn’t it? Horse-chestnut trees for goalposts. But really, much as you’ve probably succumbed to the season change and prepped the big shoes alongside the big coats, not every day demands protection. Those crisp mornings when it’s just chilly. Christmas day vibes? Not the picture postcard version with snow, which never happens.

Anyway. Here you go. Ten trainers for kicking conkers.

Caveat: they’re not all trainers.

Karhu at Pockets
These look like something a spider would wear to play squash in, and for that very reason alone, we’re well into them.
Take a closer look here

Clarks Originals Tor Run at Terraces
Trainers or shoes? Shoes or trainers?
Check them out here

Astorflex at Fresh
Yep, again. That’s how much we love them. These aren’t the collaboration we’ve covered extensively but they are still absolutely gorgeous.
Click here if you like them.

Nike ACG at Wellgosh
A personal favourite in the office and – no doubt – in the GORP fraternity. Can everyone stop saying GORP btw. It’s doing my swede in.
Buy these first though.

Salomon XT Quest at Always In Colour
These have more patented technological developments than you could shake a stick at. And even if you did shake a stick at them, their anti-debris technology would repel it. Think on
Get here

Clarks Originals at Goodhood
Ok, we were definitely stretching the reference to trainers, but then of all the so-called formal footwear out there, few can hold a candle to the Wallabee, especially in terms of comfort. Goodhood have done their own version.
Click here

Mizuno at Yards
Goretex, therefore probably practical, these running shoes are yet another strong release from the brand founded in Japan.
See more

Arc’teryx at Outsiders
Special ops, SAS, undercover spy shoes, these. And more besides.
Get them at Outsiders

Nike Air Max Earth Day at Wellgosh
Women’s trainers here. Yep, we’re not just a big bloody group of lads over here you know.
Wellgosh are here for you.

Reebok at Urban Industry
White trainers might not be ideal for whatever you’re planning this winter, but they’re at least leather which means these Reebok will repel rain and wipe clean pretty easily. Aside from practicalities, look at them. An actual classic.
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