Heading for a Fall – Weekend Away Wardrobe Essentials

Had enough of summer yet?

Thought not. But time waits for no man, and while we’ll undoubtedly get a last-minute dash of sunshine, Real Lads (c) are already preparing themselves for Big Coat Weather (c) and Substantial Shoes Season (c). With this in mind we’ve put together a little list of potential purchases you might like to consider in this transitional time.

Norse Projects Kjelde Down Jacket Pertex Quantum

Firstly, and perhaps most importantly, you need something that’ll keep you warm when the chill descends, yet won’t take up loads of weight and space in your overnight bag. Norse Projects have you covered this season via their link up with Pertex.

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Snow Peak Iron High Tension Printed Tee

Snow Peak aren’t normally associated with t-shirts. I guess the clue is in the name. And yet this autumnal attraction has us rethinking that assumption.

Get it from Oi Polloi

Sebago Kenny Check Jacket

Oh it’s another one of those shirts they’re trying to tell us is a jacket. Except this time, it really is a jacket, albeit one in the style of a shirt. Made by those American footwear kings, it boasts the same authentic outdoor DNA found in the Sebago Docksides and takes its name from the nickname given by its inhabitants to the historical city of Kennebunkport in York County, Maine (USA). This is a substantial garment in autumnal colours. You could do with one of these. In fact could you do without one? Probably not.

Get on it here.

Pallatrooper Ox-1

In this month of the kids returning to school, there’s something to be said for a good strong black shoe. Palladium have taken their lugged sole and applied it to something a bit more formal than you’re used to. That’s why you’re looking at them with trepidation, but don’t worry. You’re safe with them, and them with you. On the evening out you’re having as part of this fictional weekend away, the tasting menu demands more of you than those scuffed sneakers that have been clinging to your feet.

See more of these here.

Nobis Chase Vest

The cool Canadians at Nobis know the score when it comes to tackling weather-based confrontations. While the Norse Projects item above provides full coverage, this vest focuses on your torso only, meaning that indoor to outdoor, cold to warm transition that has you shivering then sweating throughout winter can be combatted with ease.

Check it out here.

Corridor Hand Crochet Cardigan

Yes, I know. You’ve got to have a certain sensibility to pull this off. Same as those Palladiums above. But who wants to be predictable? Not me, no siree. Would I wear this? I reckon salt and pepper beard, tired (but clean) denim, some pumps, white tee underneath. I’d look like one of those suave Scottish clothing designers I reckon. Hen.

Get yours here.

Autry Medalist Low Suede Trainers in Taupe

They have put me in mind of something a mischievous American Grandfather would wear to wind up people on the London tour bus.

“Is that West Minister? When do we see the famous London Houston and Saint Pancreas?” he asks. He knows he’s mispronouncing them but he’s from Texas and he’s playing the role. Bit like these Autry trainers then.

Get on them here.

Gramicci NN Pants

Find a more perfect pair of everyday trousers and I’ll call you a liar. We might then have to go toe to toe to settle it. That’s how strongly I feel. The only thing to rival these would potentially be our very own Hikerdelic cords but they’re not out yet so we won’t get into that, it’ll just make things complicated. For now though, marvel at the chocolate brown sweetness of these, then go and take a closer look at Parasol.

Ted Baker Eyewear

The sun is setting low in the sky and you’re not far from the place you’re staying. It’s not easy to drive but thankfully you’ve brought your eyewear. You call them that, too. Not glasses, specs or shades. Eyewear. “Pass me my eyewear Cheryl” you demand “This sunshine’s playing merry hell with my peepers”. She passes you these.

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