Helinox and Café Kitsuné are back to keep you in check

Are we all counting down the days to that special weekend? No, not the ceremonial sitting down of the new monarch, but your own version.

We’re talking about that special day when having a really nice long sit down outdoors heralds the start of summer. And for that auspicious occasion, we’ve got just the throne for you.

Outdoor furniture experts Helinox have joined forces with Café Kitsuné to not only ensure we’re got something smart on which to perch this summer, but also a special table to accompany it. Said table goes further than being somewhere purely to perch your percolated beverage, it’s also got a reversible table for chess, checkers, Go, and Pente. I’ll be honest, I don’t know much about the latter games, but I think I saw Pente play for Southampton once?

Joking apart, whether you plan to celebrate the crowning of a new face or not, this table will enhance your summer and for that reason we reckon you should get one.

All that chat about the royal family and I’ve managed to scale down any jokes. That’s definitely not a lizard joke, either.

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Mark Smith

I had pizza for tea.

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