Herschel Supply Co Bad Hills Bird Bag

We’ve all seen the boorish berks who are proud to be a #lad haven’t we? When they go for a few drinks, those drinks are always described as “cheeky”. When they had too many of those drinks they weren’t just drunk, they were much worse than that. And of course when they had an encounter with a lady it was all kinds of epic.

Maybe I’m getting old or soft or something, but I prefer my showing off to be done without opening my mouth or acting like a silly sausage. If I want to show how much I love the birds I do so by wearing a backpack with loads of of them on. I could make a “tit” joke here but I’ll leave it to those #lad types.

Ok, so knocking about any Northern English town with this on your back will get you the kind of attention you’d rather avoid. But that’s good isn’t it? Who cares if you’re sharing tastes with cupcake wankers and girls who aspire to be Zooey Deschanel. Nothing wrong with that is there? It’s better than drinking loads of shots then being sick on a stranger’s tits.

This features not only loads of impressive Avian creatures but it will house your laptop in its specially built in sleeve.

Available from the following places

Number Six London

Need Supply

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Mark Smith

I had pizza for tea.

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