High Streetwear meets Football – Lover’s F.C. x H&M

Of all the high street retailers our there, H&M are one which even the clothing snobs would accept do some nice stuff. They’ve teamed up with our good friend Neal Heard on a winning capsule collection which is sure to score ahead of the Euros.

Using his Lover’s F.C brand, Neal has brought together time-served football culture knowledge with a similarly deep understanding of UK street culture at a point in time when the two are closer than ever. A look at the rise of fan channels, MOTDX, online platforms like Versus and the leader of the pack Mundial shows the interest in all aspects of the culture of football are at an all time high. While in the U.S they’ve managed to commercialise all manner of team-related apparel, that’s something which hasn’t really flown over here due to the partizan nature of club patronage.

As a confirmed and longstanding Newport County fan, Neal knows all about staying loyal to a club side in adversity which is perhaps why he knows it’s best to channel the more accessible and iconic shirt designs from down the years. These shirts need to be things people in general will appreciate without feeling disloyal because the shirt is reminiscent of their favoured team’s rivals.

That’s where a lot of those wanting to jump on the football culture bandwagon have failed. It’s such a nuanced mindset, you’re better off avoiding team-specific stuff altogether unless you’re under the age of 13 or, you know… not really into nice things.

In Lover’s F.C exists a beacon to the beautiful game which takes all of those arresting visual ingredients that drew us in as kids, but cast in a mould which perfectly fits our appreciation for aesthetics in the modern day. Pairing up with someone like H&M makes perfect sense because when you’ve struck on something good, why not share it.

I’ll shut up now anyway because there’s nothing worse than a football bore, and that’s exactly what I am. Instead, have a look at the photos then head to your local H&M.

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